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Jessica has been a face and body artist for over 7 years, specializing in artistic detail painting, and has recently taken over the hive as the Queen Bee.  She's a busy mom of three who is eager to build Busy Bees Parties up to it's full potential as the region's top entertainment company.

Queen Bee/Lead Artist



Chrystalla grew up pretending to be a princess.  For her, this job is a dream come true! Chrystalla is a music therapist  who holds an undergrad from WLU and a masters degree in Music and Health from the University of Toronto. During the week, she uses her music to heal, and on the weekend, she uses it to bring some extra sparkle to your child's special day! 


She is passionate about showing little princes and princesses that they can be both strong and kind, and hopes to be able to teach them that they can make their own happily ever after.  




Katie recently attended Sheridan College's Musical Theatre Prep Program and is passionate about all things Broadway. Katie has performed in various musical theatre stage productions but has always had a soft spot for The Little Mermaid, which was probably a factor in what inspires her to dye her hair bright red for an entire decade!

When she's not in a ballgown you'll find her training at the gym with all of the other superheroes. She loves the opportunity to play Warrior Woman and show little girls that true strength comes from dedication!



Charvi has always been passionate about the arts, whether it be singing, dancing or acting. Having been involved in numerous plays, musicals, coffee houses and dances she has cultivated her skill and experience in performance. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo and hopes to show young princesses that they can be anything they want when they grow up!


Charvi is so excited to be a part of the Busy Bees team and portraying strong, caring and lovely princesses.




Abbi, photographer/owner of Tangent Studios, is a UWaterloo Theatre and Performance graduate and professional actor and director in the K-W region specializing in theatre for social justice and education with a passion for youth theatre. She  even recently directed her favourite princess tale, The Little Mermaid. She loves working with kids since their imaginations are huge and uninhibited! Her goal is to bring each child’s hero to life whether they wear a ballgown or a cape.


Abbi loves being a part of the Busy Bees team! Seeing the kids' faces light up when they meet their favourite princess is her favourite part of the job and she can't wait to light up your child's day!

Performer/Resident Photographer


Michaella Web-6.jpg

Michaella is a long-time advocate of strong female role models.  She encourages young girls to explore their passions, from music to science!

Michaella does both, studying Health Sciences at the UWaterloo and expressing her love of drama and voice here with Busy Bees Parties.


Having graduated from Eastwood Collegiate’s Integrated Arts program in Voice and Drama, studying classical voice for 8 years, and performing in numerous productions, she decided pursue a health profession. Who says a princess can’t be a doctor too? She hopes to inspire the next generation of princesses to follow their dreams and spread a little magic wherever they go!




Kyle is a professional musician and actor in the KW region and the GTA. A classically-trained Coloratura Soprano and Harpist, Kyle has always been involved in the arts and in music in her community. When she isn't in rehearsals, recording or performing, she works at a dance-wear store where she tends to young dancers and performers to make sure they have what they need to shine on stage or in class!


She loves to work with children and inspire them to bring magic into their lives, so they feel that one day they can grow up to inspire others, too!



Shawn is a local actor in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. With a passion for characters with intricate costuming, he's very excited to be a part of the Busy Bees Team!

Shawn is our main mascot actor; he is likely the man behind the costume and he loves every minute of it!



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All characters shown are either based on fairy tale stories that are public domain, or original characters that may have similarities to licensed characters. 

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