Character Party Packages

How should I prepare for a character party package?

Please have the floor clear of tables and chairs so that the character and your guests can sit in a circle and move freely. Characters will need a table and chairs off to the side for nail polish, and/or tattoo applications. It is best to arrange for an adult to answer the door while the children are occupied in a separate room. This allows the host to discuss any last minute changes/requests, and the character can remove outerwear/shoes safely. This also allows the performer to wash their hands prior to meeting the children.

How many children can I have at my party?

COVID-19: Please know that your entertainer and all adults counts in the total number of people in a gathering. Ontario is currently permitting up to 10 people ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to offer our clients a consistent rate and schedule for our party packages, we have carefully designed a guest limit of up to 12 children per character. If you will have more than 12 children participating, we will suggest the addition of a Party Host to help keep the party schedule moving smoothly and to engage the guests during down time (makeover applications). Alternatively, we always offer the option to invite a second character to your package!

Are gratuities included in my invoice?

Your invoice does not include gratuities. Our entertainers invest a lot of time and passion into their character performances, and while gratuities are never expected, they are always much appreciated! If you believe your entertainer has gone above and beyond their job description, please feel free to tip accordingly.

Can my character face paint instead of apply nail polish?

Our character performers are separate entertainers from our body artists, and are not trained or insured to provide face painting services. Also, due to our costumes being custom made, many are difficult to clean and must be kept clear of paints. If you would like to have face painting as well as a character performer at your event, we are happy to send a fully insured body artist as well. Our character performers are trained to apply glitter tattoos, and we are happy to make that substitution for an added cost!

Do I need to supervise the children during the performance?

While our entertainers are trained to keep the children occupied for the duration of the event, we are not responsible for the behaviour of the children/adults present. We kindly request that at least one adult be in the room to supervise the participants. Our performers are instructed to leave the site immediately in the event of any harrassment in the form of physical, verbal, mental, and/or sexual. Absolutely no refund will be offered in this case.

General FAQ

How do I book an event and when should I do so?

Busy Bees Parties is one of the region's top entertainment companies and it is highly recommended to book as soon as you have a venue, date, and time secured. To book an event, all clients must complete the online booking request form on the Contact page. All communications should be done through emails so that there are no discrepancies and so that all parties have copies of the details. A non-refundable booking fee is required to hold your event in our calendar - until the booking fee is received, your time slot will remain available to other potential clients. We request your invoice to be paid in full prior to the event. If full payment is not received prior to the event, our entertainers will not arrive.

Are your rates negotiable?

Busy Bee's Parties recognizes that event planning can be stressful and expensive, and so we proudly provide a variety of package options to suit every budget. Due to the time and cost that goes in to purchasing, maintaining, and advertising our services, we are not able to lower our rates. However, we are happy to offer a 10% non-profit discount to schools and registered charities (charity number may be requested) upon request.

When do Travel Fees apply?

Busy Bees Parties offers our base rates to events in the Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo area (20KM Radius from our office). We are working hard to expand to Halton and the GTA!

What are your payment methods?

Busy Bees Parties conveniently accepts Credit Card Payments and Bank Transfers. Organizational Cheques may be used for Corporate events. We do not accept cash payments at this time, with the exception of cash gratuities for the performers.

Do you provide background checks for your performers?

Busy Bees Parties recognizes how important safety is, and for this reason we require all of our entertainers to obtain a clear and current criminal record background check.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, each booking must receive a non-refundable booking fee before being secured in our calendar. Your booking fee covers administrative work involved with communications, invoicing, and scheduling. This amount will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation, but can be applied as a credit to your account for 1 calendar year.

How are you handling the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The team at Busy Bees Parties is devoted to bringing joy to families, while also keeping everyone safe. For the time being, we have implemented some new protocols: 1. Our Face Paint artists use a new sponge on every child, and brushes will be thoroughly washed, rinsed, and sanitized in 70% alcohol between children. Sanitizing makeup spray will be applied to face paints as needed. 2. Balloon Twisters will not fix popped balloons, we will instead create a brand new one. Please know that it may not be possible to replace popped balloons for every child if there is not enough time. 3. All staff members will be equipped with hand sanitizer and are prepared to wear a mask at your event if you so request. While most of our entertainers are double vaccinated against Covid-19, we will respect your preferences in your home/place of business. Some of our entertainers may have medical conditions that prohibit mask usage. During long events in high temperatures, masks can have serious health impacts on our entertainers and so we will use our best judgement. 4. We will no longer be offering makeup applications for our princess packages. We will continue to offer temporary tattoos as part of our Priness Jewels Package! 6. Entertainers should be showed a restroom so they can wash their hands upon arrival/at departure 7. Guests and Hosts must adhere to government mandated physical distancing rules. If our entertainer realizes your event has too many guests they are instructed to leave. Please know that your entertainer counts in the total number. In the case we leave an event due to too many guests, there will be no refund. 8. Outdoor events are strongly encouraged at this time; please let us know if you do not have overhead cover such as a gazebo, carport, or pop-up canopy so that we can plan for a possible indoor program. If you have any questions or concerns about these protocols, please contact Jessica at

Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, and Balloons

Are the Face Paints safe for skin?

Busy Bee's Parties only employs artists who paint with skin-safe, hypoallergenic, cosmetic-grade, FDA compliant materials. We take the safety of our little clients very seriously and carry $2M liability insurance for your piece of mind. If you have any reservations about particularly sensitive skin, you may request a test patch on the wrist before a full face application.

How do I wash off the Face Paint?

We do not recommend cleaning the face with baby wipes as the chemicals can cause a reaction with the paint. Our official cleaning suggestion is to apply a mild soap to the paint with a touch of water, work up a lather, and wipe away with a wet cloth. If you notice any staining (which is perfectly normal with pigmented colours), you may apply baby/coconut/olive oil to the skin and wipe away after 10-20 minutes.

How many children can be painted in an hour?

Busy Bee's Parties books 1 artist per 10-15 children in an hour. If you are expecting a higher number of participants, please mention this while booking so that we can discuss a fast faces option or adjust the length of your booking.

Do you have age restrictions for Face Paint?

While our professional products recommend a minimum age of 3 years old, we leave it up to the discretion of the parents if they wish for their child to be painted. Please note that our artists will NOT paint an unwilling child, as face painting should be an enjoyable experience for all :) There is no maximum age to be painted.

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