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Glitter Tattoos are a form of long lasting temporary tattoos for kids and adults, created by using a stencil template design, body glue and coloured (cosmetic grade) glitters, making a sparkly temporary tattoo for anybody who loves tattoos and glitter!


These tattoos last for 3-7 days, and are a great option for pool parties, rainy days, or to just add a little extra bling to your event!

Glitter Tattoos can often be applied faster than Face Painting, and may be an economical preference for high-volume events.

$150+HST for 1 Hour​​

$140+HST per hour for 2+ Hours


$160+HST per hour

Up to 30 Tattoos can be applied in an hour, but we recommend sticking to 15-20 per hour so the guests can really enjoy the experience and select multiple colours!

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