Terms and Conditions



We accept Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, and Organizational Cheques. Your invoice may be paid in full upon booking, or you may choose to pay a non-refundable booking fee ($50.00 for home parties and 30% for corporate events)


*Your event is not secured until a payment has been made*


The remaining balance (if any) is due no later than 24 hours prior to the event via the same payment methods mentioned above. If funds are not received 24 hours prior to the event, Busy Bee's Parties reserves the right to cancel the event and retain the non-refundable booking fee. Alternative payment accommodations must be discussed in advance and are at the discretion of Busy Bee's Parties Inc.


In the event you need to cancel your event, Busy Bee’s Parties will hold your booking fee and apply to another date (pending availability) within 1 calendar year.  If a new event date cannot be agreed upon within the year, the booking fee will be forfeited to BBP. Should you cancel less than 14 days prior to the event, we reserve the right to collect 50% of the invoiced amount 24 hours prior to the contracted event date in order to compensate for events we have turned away and staff who have blocked off their schedules. 

Extreme Weather:

BBP makes all reasonable attempts to fulfill your booking. We do, however, reserve the right to cancel bookings in the case of dangerous driving conditions, illness, and personal emergencies beyond our control. In this case, all funds will be refunded and you will receive a 20% credit for a future booking.

Outdoor Events:

If you wish for your entertainers to be outside, you will need to provide them with a shady/covered area to shelter them from the elements. Character performers should be given an indoor location on hot days as our costumes are very warm, and the heat can ruin their makeup. Our Balloon Twisters and characters are unable to perform outside in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius unless provided with a tent (with 3-4 walls) and a heat source of some kind. Face Painters and Mascots can perform in temps as low as -1 degree Celsius but must be provided a tent (with 3-4 walls) and a heat source. 

Performer Safety:

BBP entertainers are instructed to leave IMMEDIATELY if they experience or witness any verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse during an event. There will be no refund of any kind. Our performers are playing the role of children's characters and are not to be objectified in any way.



BBP does not offer licensed and/or trademarked characters, we also do not intend to infringe on copyrights. 
All characters shown are either based on stories that are public domain or original characters that may have similarities to licensed characters. 
If you wish to have licensed characters, please contact license holders.  All advertisements and promotional material (if used) must use our original character names, as well as our original character images.  Breach of this section may result in your event being cancelled, and BBP will be paid any outstanding balance on the invoice.